Boxing Silence.

The soundproof office phone box from Combiwall is designed with the same finesse and quality in mind as you also find in other Combiwall products.

With its glass walls the CW box brings a more light and transparent feel to the office space and therefor seems more incorporated into the surroundings than the competitors.

The CW box is designed and produced in Denmark (like the rest of the Combiwall product range). And like all other CW products this too is moveable, making it able to fulfill your needs and wants in the future when they change or you re-locate.


BOX – Outside
H: 2300mm, W: 1050mm, D: 1050mm
BOX – Inside
H: 2100mm, W: 950mm, D:950mm


W: 800mm, D: 250mm, T: 2mm


40DB sound glass
Box glassider
40DB sound glass


Akustisk panel fra Woodupp
m/ rustic oak grey


1 x USB, 1 x 220V stik


Special tilpasset lyskilde,
Lydsvag ventilation,
Rumsensor til automatisk lys
og ventilation

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