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Edison Office MT

Detailed Perfection

With ATM Arkitekter we created these minimalist and simple rooms, which today sets the framework for a large consultancy business on Dampfærgevej in Copenhagen.


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One profile, unlimited possibilities. With our unique profile centrally “placed” in all our products, we can create spaces that suit all your needs. Together we create the expression that will make the solution unique and at the same time maintaining the flexibility that is needed for future wants and needs.


The Wall

Singlewall, doublewall, Framed glass wal. The same profile with unlimited possibilities

The Door

Enjoy tailored solutions to perfection with our made to fit door solutions in existing frames.

The Box

Finally a box that doesn’t feel like an installation but instead is a natural part of the space it is placed in.

The Slider

A moveable divider that can be combined and “equipped” with exactly the elements that you need.

Om os


When Torvehallerne in Copenhagen were completed in 2011, Copenhagen not only had a new food mecca. A new and innovative wall system had also been brought to market – specially developed for the flexible stalls in the food court.

Create a space that meets just your needs

Hear more about how we can help you create the framework that fits you right now and that will also fit you when your needs changes.