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Sustainable Combination


Allow us to turn everything around. At Combiwall the wall is exactly what you make it. We don’t believe it is ideal for you nor us to define 4-5 product lines that you can then (or have to) choose between. Our development philosophy is very clear. It is your wants and needs that need to define, create and shape the wall.

That is the reason the core of all our products is the unique cw-profile. The profiles construction and assembly make for endless combinations. The main profile can fulfill most challenges and needs that arise, which is why walls from combiwall can be used in far larger and more expansive constructions that would otherwise be the case. With the same unique profile/product. This is something that creates much more uniformity in the project.

Here you can read more about those options available when you work with walls from Combiwall which can be changed and tailored or expanded if the need should arise.


Sustainability is much more than just production and reuse when the product has served its purpose. For us it is also about being able to re-activate and prolong the use of the product beyond what is expected. See below what options there are for this CW product.

Read more about the concept of RETHINKING AND SUSTAINABILITY HERE

Sporet i profilet er både af visuel betydning – for at lette udtrykket af væggen – og af funktionel karakter til eksempelvis fæstning af træ-profil

Patenteret lukning

Både i forhold til hurtigere montering og senere ændring af væggen, er vores patenterede lukning af stor betydning, når det kommer til at kunne ændre væggen let og hurtigt.


Benytter I profilets mulighed for at favne to forskellige elementer på hver side af væggen, kan andre glaslister end de normale give profilet mulighed for at favne dette indhold.

Single væg

Centrer glasset i profilet og få den klassiske fuldglasvæg fra Combiwall

Single væg


The simple yet elegant and stylish glass wall is a classic and this wall type is a favorite with our customers – at least in the beginning. The CW-profile design gives – unlike similar glass walls, a completely different stability in the construction of the wall – something a lot of customers comment on.

Same core

Because all walls from Combiwall uses the versatile combiwall profile as its core the initial construction of the wall is not only easy for the fitter but also allows us to change and expand without having to start over. This is where the sustainability in the Combiwall products truly shows its worth.

The wall is in its starting point a sound glass wall and the profiles unique construction creates an excellent sound density.

Double wall


The combiwall profile can do so much more than just anchor the soundproof glass in the most elegant way to a full glass wall. When you realize this you come to see that there is a host of possibilities. Not only in terms of the practical such as built in acoustics directly in the glass wall, the functional such as white board or TV in the meeting room walls or the purely visual when panels in the wall gives a customized look that helps bind the whole visual imprint of the room together.


Only the depth of the two elements that make up the wall have a limitation that you need to work with. Together we can create a solution that brings together everything you need.

French glass wall


Many may associate the french glass wall with the classic New Yorker wall that is both raw and classic in its expression. Unfortunately, most of the New yorker walls on the market today has the disadvantage that their steel construction really sonically leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully that is not the case with the French glass doors from Combiwall.

Flexible dividers

The CW-profile can work with several joints as well as the option to position the glass panels in the specific heights and size that you want – depending on the look you want to achieve in your particular space. Furthermore, the French glass doors from Combiwall does not limit itself to only use glass for the panels as you have the option to use other materials in the panels.

Alu x wood wall


Both when it comes to an existing or a completely new CW wall you can further develop on the look of the wall with a wooden front panel. The track in the CW profile is not only a visual addition to create a light expression but also has several functional uses.

Just as classic and minimalist the wall looks with pure alu-profiles just as natural and organic the wall can seem when you ass a wooden front. Here you decide yourselves the color of the wood front depending on the profile color and/or any other elements in the décor of the space.

However, nothing last forever – not even decorating preferences – so should you want to change the color of the wood front at a later date or even go back to the elegant Alu-profiles again that is always an option.



A wall from Combiwall comes in a host of colours and most of these can be achieved by anodisering of the aluminium, so the colours will be much deeper and with more character then if you compare with coloured in profiles.

Below is a list of the shades we can deliver; some are only in the assortment for a short period while other require you order them. Contact is with any questions about delivery times.

BS4 – Black
N1 – Nature
N1-5 – Blank
Made to order
W1-9016 – White
Made to order
D2 – Desert
Made to order
C1 – Corten
Made to order
B3 – Bronze
Made to order


Standard wall//40 db soundproof glass

Our standard wall delivers at a minimum 37 db soundproofing

A meetingroom wall/42 db soundproof glass

A wall for a meeting room can be delivered with 38 db soundproofing.

Wall add on's/finishes


Uanset om det gælder et glashjørne, en tilstødning af en væg op mod en anden, eller forskellige måder Combiwall væggen skal møde de eksisterende vægge på, har vi naturligvis en løsning – altsammen indbygget i det fleksible profil.

Se herunder nogle af de standard tilslutninger vi tilbyder – og har I andet i tankerne, skaber vi gerne skræddersyede løsninger sammen.



Doors from combiwall are designed in a sleek and cohesive look that matches the other elements in your complete wall solution. The door frames don’t take up more than 6mm (doorframe +profile=28mm in total). All something that gives the door the exclusive and timeless design that looks elegant in the space the door has been designed to fit in.

Doors can be delivered in different heights – up to 2,5m – and all components (such as doorhandles, lock boxes, hinges, drop lists etc.) are naturally colored in (standard is black or nature) for the door to seem like one unit. Contrary to standard we always have 4 hinges in our doors to ensure a stable and solid product/function. Doors from combiwall can also be delivered as a technical door with pump, locking gaze and with an electronic locking system.