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The Door



Doors from combiwall are designed in a sleek and cohesive look that matches the other elements in your complete wall solution. The door frames don’t take up more than 6mm (doorframe +profile=28mm in total). All something that gives the door the exclusive and timeless design that looks elegant in the space the door has been designed to fit in.

Doors can be delivered in different heights – up to 2,5m – and all components (such as doorhandles, lock boxes, hinges, drop lists etc.) are naturally colored in (standard is black or nature) for the door to seem like one unit. Contrary to standard we always have 4 hinges in our doors to ensure a stable and solid product/function. Doors from combiwall can also be delivered as a technical door with pump, locking gaze and with an electronic locking system.


Standard Doors from Combiwall are delivered in 900 x 2100mcm

If a wider door is required it can be produced op to 100cm in wide. In which case the max height is maximum 2100 cm

If a taller door is required it can be produced up to 2500 cm in height. In which case the max width is 900 cm

Sound & Acoustics


Just as we only use the best materials in our production of a Combiwall product we also seek out the best materials when external elements need to supplement our products.

This also includes doors and door handles and lock sets.

From the beginning it has been important not only to find a product that follows our design profile, so the elements fit seamlessly together but at the same time is a sustainable choice. Not only when it comes to the sustainable production but also in terms of the quality so that it is durable in the long run. It is the combination of these elements that are essential to which partners we choose.

All doors from Combiwall are delivered with door handles and lock sets from FSB. Below is the model we use as standard for our doors. This can of course be changed if desired.

Dark Black
Natural Alu
Dark Bronze