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Sustainable Products


Just like for many others it also makes sense to think sustainability in the development and production of our products. Despite the name we are 100% Danish and that cannot be denied when you look at the production process of a Combiwall product. The production of course takes place in Denmark like most of the components and parts are Danish manufactured. A low CO2 footprint is our clear focus and even though it is already low we are continuously working on making it even lower.

For us sustainability doesn’t just stop here. We also very much look at the sustainability the product achieves when it has been used. Where other products sustainability very much depends on the changed needs of the users, we can with our unique profile and patented closure to continuously further develop the expression and function of the wall together with the users – as and when the needs arise. A concept we call RE THINKING- This way sustainability is more than “just” an optimized production process but a cradle to cradle.

It’s all about


With RE THINKING your product can have multiple life cycles instead of just one. When you buy a wall or another product from Combiwall there isn’t an expiry date on the product. This is due to the patented closure and the way the profile has been built which allows it to be re-used in part or for example in the re-build or relocation to a different site. A product from Combiwall is not to be considered as solid fixtures.



Combiwalls large focus on reusability also has wide reaching perspectives when we look at the financial aspects. Already the first time you decide to rebuild or change your décor the savings are substantial. If you re-use the wall1:1 and just decide to move it, it is only the workmen expense you need to calculate into your budget

Combiwall is for:
The people who need to change the décor in different rooms but also wants to think long term and thereby minimizing the cost that are normally associated with setting up a new wall for example a new tenant.


With the products from Combiwall you get a solution that meets your needs when a new situation should arise. A solution where there is not very far from a thought to making the change when it comes to the changing needs of for example an office space, meeting room or machine storage. Without having to start from scratch that is. Expand or rebuild the existing Combiwall wall when the need arises.

Combiwall is for:
The ones that require the flexibility to be able to make new decisions for the company’s physical surroundings without having a big expense and a lot of work involved in the process.


Sustainability is at the very core of everything we develop. Therefor it is completely natural that our focus is from cradle to cradle when it comes to the life cycle of our products.

They consist of almost purely reusable products. All aluminum can be remelted and reused 100% like most of the wall (glass, panels etc.) can be reused without any problems.

Combiwall is for:
The ones who want the unique and flexible now but at the same time considers sustainability a long term investment from cradle to cradle.