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Room in Room

The Room



A wall from Combiwall can be remodelled and even moved to an entirely new location if desired. But sometimes the need is different than what a full renovation allows. Other times, the open office landscape needs to be preserved, but the boundaries need to be clearer in terms of where things start and end. That’s why we developed our room within a room: The Room.

With this, you get not only the advantages and combination options that a CW wall offers, but you also get a space that is tailor-made to your needs.


Sustainability is much more than just production and re-use when the products has served its purpose. For us it is also about being able to re-activate and prolong the use and life beyond what is the norm. See below what is possible with this CW product.

Read more about the koncept of RETHINKING and SUSTAINABILITY HERE


Just like with our wall, the possibilities for furnishing are endless when it comes to The Room. You decide the size, appearance, and layout. It truly is custom made.

Below, you can see 3D examples of two different rooms. Click on the link to change the perspective on the example yourself.

On the new page with the 3D model, you can zoom using the mouse’s scroll wheel (or two fingers on a trackpad) and move the model by clicking and holding down a mouse button while moving it up/down – right/left.

NOTE: If you don’t get the opportunity to see the 3D model when pressing the button, you might benefit from trying again in an “incognito” browser window.